Whole 30 Final Thoughts

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Today is Day 29 of my first ever Whole 30. Obviously, I have been inconsistent in blogging this experience. I also went back to school around the same time this was beginning so I lost track of the time. I can’t believe 30 days went that fast. I will link my favorite recipes post so you can see what recipes I used throughout this 30 days down below.

You are supposed to strictly do Whole30 for the entire 30 days with no cheating. The reason I decided to try Whole30 is because I wanted to remind myself that eating clean and healthy doesn’t have to be overly complicated or expensive. There was definitely a hope for finding some solid recipes we could put into our normal meal rotation. I wanted to give my body a chance to be healthy and to feel good about myself again, to find my normal after having a second baby. Since, having my second daughter, I was having these really difficult cycles of being extremely emotional that coincided with specific times during my menstrual cycle that were really difficult to navigate. I only felt normal for about 2-3 out of 6 weeks and was curious if eating better would help me find some emotional balance. By the second week I felt like this way of eating is something I could apply to my life most of the time.

With the understanding of my goals in mind I now admit my mistakes:

Day 21 a friend and I traveled four hours away for the day to do some shopping for me. Until that day I hadn’t shopped for myself in 7 years besides maybe a shirt here or replacing torn jeans there. While gone I did eat a burrito bowl from Chipotle which included brown rice and black beans (I left off the cheese and sour cream) which is against the rules. I knew eating on the day trip would be difficult but packed some snacks, ate my Chipotle and went right back to Whole30.

Day 26: My husband and I had a rare opportunity for date night (my last one was in May…yea its September). I chose not to stress about food but enjoy my husband and our opportunity. We also decided this week that 2 days after my Whole30 ends we are going to start another 30 days for him that is similar so he can try to find some more energy and pain relief. So after this date we won’t be eating out again for at least another month. I had wheat and a slight amount of dairy and I will admit I felt nauseous within an hour of eating and it took a couple hours to feel better.

Day 28: We were out with friends all day about an hour away, kind of in the middle of nowhere. I had planned on coming home after a few hours but we didn’t so we ate out with friends (dairy and wheat again) and again I felt pretty yucky a few hours later. Bloated, and upset stomach. Today is an only feel good food day!

Now, that you I’ve been honest I will share what I’ve learned. Cashews and almonds make me so sick. Who knew nuts could destroy your stomach but I’m thankful to have this knowledge. My nearly 3 year old absolutely loves “sweet tatatoes”. My husband enjoys me cooking by the Whole30 guidelines more than my “easy dinners”. I’m more excited to cook because I’m actually hungry. I’ve learned when I eat specifically too much dairy or wheat I feel bloated and full all the time. I don’t want to cook come dinner time because I’m not hungry and I just feel apathetic. Emotionally there has been total balance when normally at this place in my menstrual cycle I would have been having a terrible time when it came to my emotional health. This balance alone is enough to make me want to eat like this most of my life. I’ve found the reminder I was looking for and plan on incorporating most of the recipes I used into our normal meal plan rotation.

Physical Results were also pretty awesome.

When I went on my shopping trip on Day 21 I had already lost a pant size which I wasn’t expecting. I measured myself today and lost an inch off my waist and 3 inches off my hips. I kept feeling smaller but thinking it was all in my head. Nope! It was real!

Recipes and Foods I Made During Whole 30


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