Whole30 Days 9-10

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I feel really great! I don’t often enjoy looking in the mirror but I’m loving the mirror. My body seems to be heading back to the version that doesn’t look pregnant. The way I am eating is also motivating me in my quest for a healthier amount of physical activity. Today even included video workouts with my kids. One joined in and the other alternated toddling, brushing my hair and climbing on me. The most exciting part I wasn’t frustrated at all by the distractions. I enjoyed them and usually that would discourage me to the point of quitting.

Breakfast both days was simple again. Green smoothie for day 9 and chicken and apple on day 10. I know for a lot of people who do this they make these meals that look amazing but since I’m taking care of two tiny humans I was barely eating before this. There isn’t exactly time in my schedule for intensive meal prepping or thinking for daytime meals. not yet anyway. I pretty much lived on toast, goldfish crackers and sandwiches during the day and ate whatever I made for dinner at night. As I already had the grab whatever mentality it hasn’t been strange for me to eat chicken for breakfast.

Lunch both days was leftovers which is so helpful in the easy, think free category of recipes. Which leads us to dinner.

Last night I made these Broccoli Slaw Burrito Bowls.  The girls and I had them as bowls but I made them in tortillas like tacos for Kenny who needs all the carbs. I was worried they might not turn out well and that Kenny would not be a fan but I loved it and he thought it was the best taco night we’ve had so this recipe is definitely a keeper. What a great way to add veggies to a simple dinner!

Tonight, I haven’t made them yet but I will be making what I call Veggie Patties because if I call them pancakes my 2 year old will be mad when they aren’t pancakes. We will probably have eggs with them too because breakfast for dinner is awesome! I’ve made them before and they remind me of really flavorful hash browns. I found the recipe in one of my go to cookbooks 100 Days of Real Food: How We Did It, What We Learned, and 100 Easy, Wholesome Recipes Your Family Will Love. There are a lot of great recipes on the 100 Days of Real Food blog but there are also exclusive recipes in the book but thankfully the veggie pancake recipe is on the blog for whoever is looking at this! I usually use yams, zucchini, potato, and carrots in my veggie pancakes. This time I’m doing Whole 30 so will be using almond flour instead of regular wheat flour. Making these you need to shred the veggies which can be a perfect opportunity to make an excuse. I often try to make excuses for not making things because I don’t have the proper kitchen tool. A mandolin slicer would definitely be easier but if you have a decent cheese grater that can work well for shredding your veggies. I use this one by Kitchenaid. KitchenAid Gourmet Box Grater (Black) It shreds my veggies well and is the best grater I’ve ever had.

I didn’t expect it but I have had more compliments on dinner the last 10 days than I have had in months! Some of these dinners will definitely make it into our normal meal planning rotation which will really help keep me feeling and looking the way I want.


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