Flats Challenge Day 6: Favorite Folds

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When using flats it’s important to find the best way to fold your diaper, You want to find a fold that works well for you, your baby, other caregivers and for when and where your changing diapers. Sometimes this isn’t the same fold. That is totally okay and even fun to learn different folds.

My favorite resource for learning to fold flats or even just to refresh my memory for a fold I haven’t used in a while is Dirty Diaper Laundry’s YouTube channel. If your new to flats this is an awesome place to look. Multiple video tutorials all in one place!

I really only use two folds. They are the Diaperbag Fold and the Pad Fold. I have tried all the ones DDL has tutorials for multiple times but I always come back to the Diaperbag Fold. I get the best fit and best absorbency with that fold so even though I love to try others just to see every once in a while I’m never as happy with it as I am with my tried and true.

I use the Diaperbag Fold at home mostly. If I’m out I only use it when I have folded my flats ahead of time. I’m not a fan of folding on the go. This fold allows a trim fit that isn’t too difficult to get to fit well in a cover.

IMG_8692 IMG_8693

Diaper Bag Fold

The Pad Fold is our favorite to use when our 8 month old likes to scream like we are killing her during diaper changes or when I’m out. For us, the Pad Fold is more likely to leak if we push the time between changes a little too far. This is the reason I don’t use it as often but it is great for out and about or quick changes on a fussy or squirmy baby.


This one might look a little funny because it looks longer than the cover. However, when the diaper is pulled up between the baby’s legs and the cover is fastened everything is covered well once the leg elastic is stretched correctly.

I like to combine both of these folds for night time with an added booster. I never get a leak even after twelve hours of sleeping and eating multiple times overnight.

IMG_8695 IMG_8697

I fold diaper onto baby with the booster inside then lay a Pad folded flat inside the cover. It will be the biggest baby bum ever but totally works! I don’t mind the bum with a wet bed. We usually use disposable diapers at night but after being reminded how well this works we might just have to switch back to the night time “ant butt” as my mom lovingly refers to the night setup.

So, these are my favorites but they don’t have to be yours. Have fun, experiment with all the folds out there. Find your favorite and most effective. Flats can be efficient and fun!


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