Flats Challenge Day 5: What’s Your Wash Routine

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Day 5 is here! I’m almost done with this challenge and honestly it has not been that bad. I do look forward to using my washer again and my all in ones for out and about but overall this was a way less daunting task than I expected. Today we share our wash routines. If you need to hand wash then you should definitely check out Dirty Diaper Laundry’s post and the link up of everyone taking the challenge so you can get some tips and tricks!

When I started this challenge our budget did not allow us to buy anything new to participate. I used flats and covers I already had and got some additional receiving blankets my sister in law wasn’t using anymore. I do not have a bucket washer set up or a bucket I can use so I decided to use my bathtub. My supplies include:

my hands

rubber gloves I bought at the dollar store (so I guess I bought one thing)

regular Tide original liquid detergent


detachable shower head and spray pal

regular bath loofah

Here’s my routine.

1. Dump all dirty diapers in the tub and fill with water and about halfway to line 1 of tide.

2. Pull out poopy diapers one at a time and spray poo off.

I found I can do this so well that there is hardly any poo left which is great for handwashing. I chose not to buy a sprayer to save money and use my detacheable shower head. I have found this can cause quite a mess if not done correctly. What I do is turn on the water but let the bath run not the shower.Prop my spray pal on my leg aimed into the toilet and hold the shower head aimed inside the spray pal then with the other hand I switch from bath faucet to shower and in the two second delay it takes to switch I pick up the shower head. Then do it again to turn it back to bath faucet when done. This helps keep water from spraying everywhere.

3. Once there is an adequate amount of water and suds I use my hands to scrub everything for a few minutes against the bottom of the tub.My arms and hands serve as the agitator. I thought I would prefer to use gloves but since I do such a great job getting the poo off I opted out of the gloves because I felt it hindered my efficiency.

4. Take out flats one at a time and use a loofah to scrub.

Like I mentioned I didn’t have it in the budget to buy any supplies. I had an old loofah that really needed to be replaced so I decided to use it as a scrub brush. I put a little dot of Tide on it and get it all nice and sudsy. My shower walls have ridges in it so I hold the flat against the wall then take the sudsy loofah and scrub any poo spots and all over the flat. I keep dirty flats on one side of the tub and scrubbed on the other.


5. Drain the water and turn on cold water and rinse each flat under the water and wring it out 2-3 times. I place each one in a basket as it is done.

6. Take the clean basket outside and hang ALL the diapers!


The whole process start to finish takes me 30 minutes and I really feel my diapers are very clean. This load I think I washed 12 diapers, 6 covers, 3 boosters. I don’t think 30 minutes is too bad! Now, to hope the sun comes out!


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