Flats Challenge Day 4: Out and About

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So today, those of us participating in this year’s flats and handwashing challenge share what it is like taking flats out and about!

My usual go to “out and about diapers” are my Grovia AIO (all in one) diaper which are similar to a disposable in a sense that it is all one piece. Flats I usually reserve for at home but this week flats are my go to all day, every day!

Out and about with me is pretty simple:

1) I don’t have a fancy diaperbag. It is an old backpack with two large pockets, two small pockets, and two cup holders.image


Today I folded ahead of time because we will be gone a long time. We are going to an end of year school party at a school my parents run. I didn’t want to worry about folding or leaking while also keeping an eye on my two year old. What you can’t see here is all the clothes, bottles, snacks and other random things two small people need!

2) I like to be prepared and then more prepared…usually.

Usually when I’m out of the house its either for an hour or several hours. On my short trips sometimes I bring one diaper, a wetbag and no diaper bag just tucked into a purse or tote. On my long trips I bring as many as I think I will need (x2) for both flats and covers because as soon as you think you have enough covers that baby will poop and it will get all over your cover. One thing I always do the same is change her right before I go so I know I have plenty of time before needing to change again. I usually don’t fold my flats ahead of time because sometimes I’m feeling a different fold so I just fold them into squares and stack in my bag. If I’m changing in a car or a random changing table I just padfold and throw in a cover. If I’m somewhere where I can change on the floor then I use the diaperbag fold. More on my favorite folds later this week! I pack my wetbag ALWAYS. Don’t get caught without a wetbag. Poo or pee it all goes in the wetbag and I just spray when I get home.

Just for fun here is a happy baby from the night before last. We were out of the house from 7:45-12:45 and again from 4:30-9:30 so it was a busy day. We had one leak and that was because someone slept longer than expected during a Costco trip so I had a feeling that would be the case but other than that it was easy!



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