Day 3: Flats Challenge “The Spark”

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I’m a little late sharing today but we were super busy today and I didn’t know what I wanted to blog about. My two year old and I did laundry and diaper laundry. This load was a lot bigger than our first load. I had my doubts but it all ended with clean diapers! I’m excited to share my washing routine for Day 5!



Today’s flats challenge blogging prompt was a topic I get to choose. I thought and thought and finally decided to share about the spark.

Anytime anyone does anything considered even a little inconvenient or less popular among other options people are curious. Sure, there is often a lot of negativity but I have been lucky to only have been approached by people with genuine interest.

I used to talk cloth diapers to anyone that would listen but have toned it down as my cloth journey has changed over the last two years. Many of my friends and acquaintances don’t know I use cloth diapers. The flats challenge has aimed a spotlight at my diaper choices and it’s fun! It’s a little harder to go unnoticed while folding a 30X30 piece of fabric!

I have had many single friends and acquaintances ask me, “what are you doing exactly? Do you cloth diaper? What’s that like? How do you wash? What do you do with the poo? What does your husband think?” I enjoy answering these questions and sharing my experiences. Not only is the flats challenge educating parents about a viable, cost effective way to diaper but sparking the interest of future parents who want to diaper in an affordable way and/or for all the other great reasons.

I’m learning that With flats you can diaper on the cheap and spark the curiosity of those around you. Discard the negative because you never know who you’re inspiring!

And in case you were wondering what my husband thinks like I’ve been asked…


Daddy loves cloth and is pretty much a pro at fastening flats. Snappi master! LOL



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