Flats Challenge Day 2: What’s in my Stash

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Today’s post is about what we are using for the flats and hand washing challenge. I’ve found as I started this challenge that some of my flats have disappeared. Thankfully my sister in law is giving me some old receiving blankets later today so I don’t get so low on diapers. Oops!

Here’s my stash that’s clean!image

I have the following (not all diapers pictured as I have three on the line, 4 in the pail and one on the bum):

2 receiving blankets. My favorite receiving blankets to use are these Carter’s Swaddle Blankets because they are stretchy so you get a great fit easily and are super absorbent. I probably wouldn’t go out and buy them to use as diapers but had some laying around unused so they were a great way to bulk up my stash!

These are great for night or longer amounts of time.

8 Blueberry Flat Cloth Diapers (I used to have 12 so I’m hoping to find those before the week is over)

1 random cotton kitchen towel turned diaper lol

5 GroVia Hybrid Shell (1 in the car)

Grovia shells are what I use when I need a trim option that doesn’t make her pants not fit.

2 Blueberry Coveralls

Coveralls are my favorite for night. They have generous enough sizing to fit all those extra layers a baby who sleeps 10-12 hours demands.

4 Flip Cover (1 on the bum and one on the line)

4 GroVia Booster

Trim but absorbent for night time, naps or outings. They can be put on top of a flat or folded in the center.

5 Snappi Cloth Diaper Fasteners

Let’s talk cost because this is seriously amazing! If you take your time you can really find some great deals.

Blueberry Flats I bought a 6 pack new and a 6 pack were gifted: $30

My blankets and towel were either gifts or hand me downs: $0

Grovia were bought on clearance, won in a giveaway, received free as part of a promotion, bought new on Craigslist and bought new on a cloth diaper buy sell trade page: $26

Blueberry bought new on a cloth diaper buy sell trade page and on sale: $27

Flio covers: bought barely used on buy sell trade page, on sale and as seconds: $36

(I used to have more that I bought when they were buy 2 get 1 free )

boosters I bought a 2 pack and the other was a gift: $10

Snappis I found brand new 5 pack at a baby consignment store: $2.95

Spray Pal splatter shield: $24.95

I didn’t buy anything special to wash. I’m using my bathtub for washing with our regular laundry detergent. We use Tide Original. I don’t have a diaper sprayer but use our detachable shower head. I’ve finally got that art down!

So, for about $165 I have more than enough covers and diapers to allow me to wash every other day plus my spray pal which I don’t consider an absolute necessity but I absolutely love it! I could have done less covers and been great but I already had them.

Honestly, you can’t beat that price!


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