I’m Taking the Flats and Handwashing Challenge!

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Hey Friends!


This is my first year participating in the flats and handwashing challenge. This is an event that Dirty Diaper Laundry puts on every year to bring awareness to the ease and affordability of cloth diapers in any situation. Every baby deserves a clean bum and parents shouldn’t have to worry about how they will afford to diaper their baby.

When you participate you are expected to only use your choice of diaper cover and flat cloth diapers which are single layer pieces of large fabric that can be folded different ways. You are not permitted to use a washer or dryer. Everything is to be washed without using electricity.

This year I’m participating for a few reasons. I already love cloth diapers even though I have gone through seasons of disposables and cloth at different times. Sometimes it is easy to feel that cloth diapers are unattainable because of the up front cost but I want to help prove that you can diaper on any budget. When I started, I bought 1-2 diapers at a time until I had a stash of 12 or so diapers. I discovered flats 2 years ago during the flats and handwashing challenge and bought a dozen as way to have more diapers without spending much money. My favorite diapers have changed over the last 2.5 years but my flats have always lived with us and always will because they are easy, versatile and add some bulk on those days where you don’t seem to have enough diapers. I have never attempted hand washing diapers so this will be new to me. I want to have this experience because I will not tell someone they can do something I personally have never tried.

I’m excited for this week! Whether you are curious, looking to start cloth diapering on a dime, or maybe you need more diapers fast and are looking to do it on the cheap I ¬†hope you will follow along with everyone participating in the challenge! Let the folding begin!


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