All (or some) About Hybrid Cloth Diapers (GROVIA)

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Welcome back my friends who are interested in Cloth Diapering! Just to recap, I have some friends interested in cloth diapering who wanted more information. I can’t stop talking about cloth so I know I will have more questions. This series is for all my friends who want to learn more!

We love the hybrid diaper we have used!!


There are 3 brands of hybrids that I can think of at the moment.

  1. Grovia
  2. Flip (Cotton Babies)
  3. Best Bottom.

Personally, I have only used Grovia’s hybrid system so I am not going to talk about the other three. I love my Flip Covers to use as a cover with my fitteds, flats and prefolds. I honestly have no desire to try their inserts because they make such great covers and I’m SO in love with my few Grovias. I recently saw this blog comparing the two and thought it was quite thorough and informative! Best Bottom shells I have been intending on trying as a cover as well.

The shells are One Size so they grow with baby and come in both snap and Hook & Loop Closure. Again, I prefer snaps but have both. The hook & loop works really well I just don’t like dealing with it come laundry day. I’m always worried I will wear it out too quickly.

IMG_0405 IMG_0406

How do they work?

You have three options with these.

  1. Use a shell and a snap-in insert. (currently use)
  2. Use a shell and a disposable insert. (have not used)
  3. Use a shell and a prefold, fitted, or flat. (currently use)

Shell & Snap-In Insert

One of my go to “out and about” diapers. I use mostly the diapers I posted about last time at home but when I’m out and I don’t know where I may be changing I love the effectiveness of Grovia and the ease of use. Even with liquid breastmilk poos I have not had a blowout in these. All you do is snap in a soakerpad (you have two choices stay-dry which feels fleecy or organic cotton) and put it on your baby. The soakerpads have a waterproof backing so your shell doesn’t usually get wet. When it is time for a change you unsnap it, throw it in a wet bag, and snap in a new one. I love that there is gusseting at the leg area of the soakerpad because I feel it really works with the shell to aid in keeping any mess inside. I seriously love these! My husband is all about our fitteds, but when we first tried these he admitted to wishing our entire stash consisted of Grovia. This is probably in my top 3 for most trim diapers in a tie with Grovia All in One and Grovia Shell with a flat.

IMG_0419The fit is great. It is never too lose or too tight and not too much going on between the legs either.

Organic Cotton – Just that, Organic Cotton. Super absorbent

Stay Dry – A blend of Organic Cotton and Hemp topped with the SOFTEST microfleece on top that also wicks moisture away from baby.

Pair with a booster, for night time or longer outings where you need more absorbency! I think these are supposed to just lay on top of your soakerpad super easy but I like to fold mine to fit and place between the stay dry layer and cotton layer that way the soft fleece is on the bum but I still have added absorbency plus I like how organized it looks!

How I use my boosters.



Shell & Disposable Insert (Biosoaker)

These are great for when you need a disposable option but you don’t want to worry about abandoning your cloth, blowouts, or contributing to a landfill’s over supply of disposables. I haven’t used these but only because I forgot to buy them before we embarked upon our 25 hour drive of a move. I wished I had them when my trunk started smelling like wet bag toward the end. Yes, yuck! I know…

Shell & Your Choice of Flat, Prefold or Fitted

Having a cover that works well is essential to this method of diapering. I love using my shells for this as well. This works as a great cover and is the trimmest cover I own. The shell’s legs are cut higher with a narrower crotch than others that holds the diapers so well I was surprised, protects against leaks, and offers a trim fit that is SO easy to put on. Even if you don’t use their whole hybrid system, get yourself at least one to try as a cover! Personally, I love the Peacocks print!


I love the cut at the leg! I feel like it allows her to move so much better!

I have 3 Grovia shells, 4 soakerpads, and 2 boosters. I usually keep these in the diaperbag or for when we need a quick change at home. I would love to have more though! Even if you decide to go with one of the methods in the last post I recommend trying their Organic Cotton Experience Package or Stay Dry Experience Package. This comes with two shells and four soakerpads which is the perfect number to have on hand for outings or trying before investing in a full stash! I say buy from The Natural Baby Company when at all possible because they are a wonderful company! The Natural Baby Company is where I bought all my Grovia, night time diapering, and random natural baby items while I loved in Bozeman, Montana. This is where Grovia all began! The staff is amazing, the store beautiful, and the selection is like a toy store for natural minded parents! If you’re ever in Bozeman, MT or Austin, TX (they just opened another store) be sure to visit. Seriously, I already miss it so much!

Moving, on. How much does this type of diapering method cost??

Grovia Shells – $16.95

Organic Cotton Soakerpads (2-pack) – $18.95

Stay Dry Soakerpads (2-pack) – $17.95

Boosters – $9.50-$10.50

Experience Package: 2 shells, 4 soakerpads

Organic Cotton – $68

Stay Dry – $66

Grovia Part Time Package: 6 shells, 12 soakerpads

Organic Cotton – $194

Stay Dry – $189

Grovia Live (full time) Package: 12 shells, 24 soakerpads, 4 boosters
 ~ Organic Cotton – $404

Stay Dry – $394

*The experience package gives you about 5% savings and the part and full time packages give you a 10% savings.

Believe it or not I have all this stuff pretty much memorized! HA!

If you’re an Amazon Prime member you can get a lot of these diapers with prime shipping so that’s awesome too

//“>// // //

This system is fun, convenient, effective and so easy to use. It is cute too! I love that you get great quality, convenient diapers for such a great price. The laundry is still easy as these are also my favorite, natural fibers! If cloth diapers are feeling a bit intimidating this is the thing to try! As always, let me know if you have any questions! I hope this is bringing some of the guess work and time spent on the computer researching down to a minimum. I am loving sharing this with you!

And a picture in her peacock shell just for fun!



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