Conquering the Kitchen

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When I first got married a little over a year ago I found a terrifying new insecurity to face…my inadequacy in the kitchen.
I wanted to eat healthy, cook well, and provide something my meat and potatoes lovin’, husband with a lightening fast metabolism would enjoy and feel satisfied eating.
There was a problem though. I had allowed my last long term and also emotionally abusive relationship to define my skill in the kitchen. I truly believed I was not a good cook.
The year before I got married I started cooking once a week with one of my 14 room mates, (maybe one day I will explain all those room mates) Angel. Our meals were some of the favorites and everyone looked forward to our cooking night.
I am now the primary meal preparer in our house and my husband loves everything I make. I stopped down playing my ability and knack for figuring out good combinations. We have decided to eat better and are now eating vegetarian for the most part (more on that another time). He is satisfied and loving our new dietary lifestyle. Which all leads to the purpose of my post!
I successfully made bread for the first time! I got the recipe from my same dear Angel friend. She is now also married and has a little boy 3 months older than our Millie. If only Nova Scotia was as close in proximity as our kids are in age we would be quite the happy mommy team!
Nummy Nursing Bread Recipe
The only change I made was I used whole grain flour for the smaller portion of flour and whole wheat for the larger. Instead of kneading by hand I let the kitchenaid do the work. I also added raw pumpkin seeds and rolled oats to the too because I think it looks pretty and taste good!
Kenny was thrilled, I was so proud and we managed to make the loaf last a couple days!



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    Anna Grace said:
    March 7, 2013 at 10:19 pm

    That’s awesome!

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