My First Blog

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I truly enjoy writing. I enjoy it in such a way that I consider it en emotional and creative outlet and often even a strength.

Yet in this moment all I can do is doubt. I sit here feeling compelled to begin a blog, staring at the page, cursor blinking at me in a threatening manner. It is interesting how afraid we can sometimes be of the very thing we so love. We are passionate about something, anything and maybe even be so bold as to declare (in our minds of course) ourselves adept at said thing but when faced with an opportunity to make a real attempt at displaying our natural or learned talent we shy away. For me, this self-doubt arises in areas of creativity or entertaining others which is simply ridiculous.

In a sense this will be a public journal where I am free to step out of my box and share who I am with those around me. I encourage others to do the same.


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