Healthy Motivations

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I have been really thinking about motivators the last couple days.  Let me share how this came about.

I made a decision to change my lifestyle in regard to how I treat my body. Something about this decision felt different than all the other times I have just tried to lose weight. I have been online so much lately (which I realize doesn’t sound healthy) preparing myself for this new change in my life. My brain is probably tired of consuming recipes, food pyramids, hiking trails, gyms, videos, blogs, and articles about how different people balance their real lives. I am committed so this is part of it. I even plan on asking my husband to take me on a birthday hike on Saturday (I’m even considering the 9 mile one which is so out of my comfort zone). I have never hiked for my birthday but I’m so excited about feeling energetic, alert, and healthy that hiking is what I want to do. Not to mention creation just speaks my language I suppose.

Let me introduce my husband so you don’t get tired of hearing my husband this and my husband that because he is such a part of my life he is worth you knowing his name. His name is Ken to many but to me he is Kenny so that is how I will be referring to him. Eventually I will post pictures so you can put a face to the names if you don’t already know us.

Moving right along. We were talking about my new changes and I determined the reason why I am so much more passionate and excited about this time. Every other time I have wanted to make a change it was out of an extreme dislike for myself and my appearance. I would finally get to the point where I hated myself so much I couldn’t live the same way another day which brings me to the present. Right now I am 5’6 and 170 pounds which is not too far off from the heaviest I have ever been but I love myself. I know I am beautiful and extremely well loved. I love myself for who I am. Yes, I’m working through things just like everyone else in the world and growing all the time but ultimately I love Bree for Bree. This time I want to make a change because loving Bree means I can’t live another day mistreating me. I deserve to be a healthy 22 year old woman who doesn’t have knee pain every day, climbs a few flights of stairs with ease and gets to enjoy the outdoors without needing to bring ibuprofen.

I realized through my external processing to the ever patient Kenny that any decision we make out of hate or fear is bound to fail but a decision made out of real LOVE for who you are and who you want to be can only lead to the best, healthiest you possible. With that I publicly embark upon  my new adventure of healthy living. I hope you join me, whatever that looks like for you.


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